Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of your appointment with The Tan Truck must be made by contacting [email protected] at least 8 hours prior to your appointment.

If you cancel your appointment in less than 8 hours, you will forfeit the full amount you have paid. Rescheduling of appointments must also be made 8 hours prior to your appointment or you will also forfeit the full amount you have paid. Your future bookings will require you rebooking and paying the full price again, due to loss of time and ability of The Tan Truck to cover and fill the appointments that have been held in your name. Discretion can be used by The Tan Truck in this regard however we ultimately stand by the above decision. This is to ensure we are not only strict, but fair and consistent with all of our clients, therefore no exceptions are to be made outside of medical emergencies. If cancellations are made within the appropriate time, you will then have a pass for the same amount paid that can be used for a future appointment.


Passes/E-gift Cards

All purchased passes are to be used only by the individual purchaser. They are not to be transferred to another name or booked for a different individual at either the same address or a different address. Each person is encouraged to book for themselves, or otherwise buy an e-gift card which can be used by any person to book in an appointment at their location and their preferred time. Passes and e-gift cards are non refundable.