Morrocan Tan Buff and Blend Mitt


Morrocan Tans Blend and Buff dual action mitt can be used both dry and wet to allow for a seamless, streak-free application. This mitt can be used with an array of sunless tanning formulas from mousses, to lotions and oils.

The mitt is thoughtfully designed so that the thumb cutout secures your hand and ensures the mitt is locked in and comfortable when applying your product of choice. End your search for the perfect mitt and pick up a Moroccan Tan Blend and Buff Mitt for the perfect application.

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The Blend and Buff mitt can be used wet or dry to blend, smooth, buff any sunless tanning formulas into the skin.

To get the most from your application, apply your formula of choice to clean, exfoliated skin or as a top up on your existing MorrocanTan sunless spray tan. If you are applying a self tan extender on top of your pre-existing sunless spray tan, be patient! It is best to wait 48 hours after your spray, so you know the extent of your development first.

Place the desired amount of product onto your Blend and Buff mitt and apply to the body in circular motions, working in sections. Always use sparingly on elbows, knees and ankles. Allow a few minutes for your application to dry.

We recommend pairing the Moroccan Blend & Buff Mitt with the Moroccan Instant Dry Oil.

To clean this product, wash with warm soapy water by hand and allow to dry naturally. Do not wash in the washing machine or place in a dry cleaner as this may impact the fabric and impact the velour finish.

  • Beautifully buffs in product, allowing for streak-free radiant glowing tans, tints and shades on the skin
  • Soft polyester velour fabric allows for a non irritating application for a any skin type
  • A seamless applicator for a combination of formulas including; liquids, mousses or creams
  • It can be used when wet or dry

The Moroccan Blend &  Buff Mitt is made of polyester velour. 

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